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We foster some of the finest talent in the financial services sector, with a mission to develop greatness through guidance.
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This is not just a number

It's the growing, evolving story of the thousands of families we help protect, inform, and empower. It represents the Total Death Benefit accumulated by the BFG network of associates. Let's add yours.
Total death benefit including life & DI cases as of Jan 9,2024

An incubator for success

For decades, BFG has raised and nurtured the financial service representatives across the New York Tristate Region. Discover new ways to build your career and deliver protection and financial certainty to families and businesses invested in the future.

Our philosophy

Future focused

Whether you’re looking to kickstart your financial career or expand your existing services, BFG provides the tools you need to up your game and gain

A mutual mission

Take advantage of our inspiration, direction, support and insights to achieve your professional goals while providing clients with life-changing benefits

Financially reputable

As a BFG backed associate, you have access to a wide range of financial products to assist you in building a true legacy for yourself and those you serve.

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A new paradigm

Rise above the market’s limited 9 to 5 jobs and tap into a range of potentially lucrative, self-starting career options across all financial products and sectors.

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Leadership by example

Our distinguished leadership leverages decades of finance experience to create opportunities for veterans and new workforce entrants alike

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Our past speaks to your future, with a wealth of success stories, impressive stats, and life-changing advice.

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