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The Key to Becoming A BFG Associate


The team at BFG echoes a longstanding sentiment, representing a call to educate our community, as opposed to focusing on a sales oriented approach. With that in mind, our team of professionals view their positions with the passion that encompasses the BFG mission. Our associates value each day at work as more than just a job. Instead, it's a joint effort toward spreading awareness and security. It's a chance they take, a choice they make, and a commitment they prove each and every day. 


The BFG environment is a behind-the-scenes task force of trained professionals, each with the value and integrity of a shared cause. Helping one another, the atmosphere is both amiable and professional, a harbinger of good vibes and better productivity. Our culture is, in a sense, the basis for our success. And success, in our terms, is calculated by the assistance provided by our team, and thus our community.


At BFG, we firmly believe that it’s our moral obligation to help people. This idea synchronizes with the very culture of successful a financial services firm, which focus, first and foremost, on helping others. In shifting from associating ourselves and our staff as salespeople, we associate ourselves and our team as advocates. Shouldering the responsibility to educate our community, we focus on helping them understand what they can do, how much they can afford, and in which direction to strategize. We place great emphasis on first protecting what they have, while eliminating risk. Only then dowe assist them with building wealth, in both knowledge and assets.


There is no doubt that the environment at BFG is largely responsible for its success. In line with our emphasis on ethics, we are proud of our exemplary team. Consisting of highly trained professionals, our associates are continually recognized through industry awards and accolades. We have a 78% retention rate due to our growth, training, and culture.


  • What we look for:
    There are a few key aspects that we hone in on when seekingadditional BFG associates. We look for integrity, among other attributes. We also like to see a pattern which is in habit of discipline. We value applicants that have what it takes to stick it out until they get the job done, whatever it may include. Furthermore, we like to recruit young, impressionable individuals, who accept coaching in their upward climb toward success. The average age for our new hires is mid- to late-20s, and we emphasize on relaying the opportunity for long term success during the course of associate training.

    Whom we applaud:
    Because we care about helping others, we always value applicants who do volunteer work to help the community, as well as those who support their families’ decision to do so. We want to add associates who have made a difference in their community, to the BFG family.

    How we go about it:
    We tend to find potential associates via in house and client referrals. We are often approached by professionals who suggest names of those they see fit as a BFG associate. We value their commendations and referrals. Recruits are sometimes referred by networks of family, friends, neighbors, schools, organizations and clubs.

    • Testing the present:
      Phase one of the associate selection process includes a series of interviews, sessions, and industry exams which are required as protocol in guaranteeing the right fit forthe position.
    • Evaluating the past:
      Phase two is relegated toward an all-inclusive background check, on the basis of seeking potential success in new members of the firm. We conduct all research in a confidential manner, in line with the BFG approach on a business and personal level.
    • Structuring the future:
      Phase three is the introduction of the new associate to their career, an exciting step toward vast markets and pending opportunities. During this time the trial period is enacted, a time capsule of training with the best at BFG.


  • Learning from the best:
    Once we receive a promising candidate, we pair them with a range of successful associates for joint work, offering them the choice to work with the one that's most compatible for growth in training. This phase of the training process gives new recruits an opportunity to see how client contact is done professionally. The experienced associate provides a hands-on example of how to communicate with a potential client. This experience can further educate them as to how to get the client to pay attention to pertinent issues, working together to maximize productivity.

    Attending events:
    We create events and training opportunities so that new associates can mingle with the experienced higher ups. These events provide new recruits with career mentors they can lookup to—to fine tune their approach in a field that still seems new. It also sets the stage for future contact, where new associates can approach experienced, successful ones with questions.

    Productivity meetings:
    New associates will participate in regular sessions to discuss their performance, as well as a meeting that emphasizes on field based education. We coach our new associates as much as necessary during the early days of their career.

    There for the long run:
    BFG is a backbone of support and a source of constant coaching to all its associates. Offering a range of training forums, incentives, and professional advice, our iconic position as leaders and friends are what sets a foundation for long term advances and career growth.

    Culture takes precedence:
    We also reevaluate associates on the premise of adhering to the BFG culture, an attribute that's taken in high regard. Even if an associate accomplished all said requirements, they are still expected to comply with the ethics of the company culture in order to maintain their BFG affiliation.

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