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Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just about wealth management and legacies. It is about families, and keeping families united in future generations. BFG works closely with its clients to honor their estate planning wishes in collaboration, as needed, with attorneys and accountants. 

Business Succession

In a community blessed with large families, business succession can be a complex challenge. Enabling entrepreneurs to map out the most viable future for their businesses with proper consideration for all family members is a core component of BFG activity. BFG involvement enables business founders to formalize succession objectives, structure their affairs for maximum security, and ensure a smooth transition to the next generation.

Executive Compensation

Often the biggest challenge for successful entrepreneurs is how to compensate themselves. BFG provides specialized counsel that enables business owners to reap the rewards for their efforts while keeping their business on an even keel.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are a win-win proposition. They enable a business to keep its most valuable assets – loyal, productive executives and workers. BFG guides entrepreneurs in developing and implementing performance bonuses, deferred compensation, salary continuation and supplemental executive retirement plans (SERP). Because turnover is for merchandise, not people.

Life Insurance

Obviously BFG is a major provider of life insurance in the communities we serve. Here, especially, products and policies are recommended on a case-by-case basis. Which is why BFG maintains cutting expertise in the broadest range of insurance products, so that each client gets the precise coverage they need.