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Our Commitment

Community First and Foremost

The communities served by BFG have the fastest growing demographics in the New York Metropolitan area. Our talent is nurtured from within these communities. BFG associates are expected to be active volunteers with social service organizations, helping to maintain and improve the quality of life where we live and work. 

Our Approach

Today, Tomorrow, the Next Generation

Like snowflakes, no two clients are identical. Hence BFG tailors customized strategies that address the individual client’s circumstances and total financial picture. Every BFG relationship looks to the future, with an eye to bonding strong families and maintaining wealth into future generations. 


Forging Relationships for a Lifetime

Even the best relationships have ups and downs, unexpected situations, and things which are impossible to schedule or predict. Financial strategies require the same nimble reflexes, and the real time ability to make optimal adjustments. When BFG makes a commitment to a family or business, it’s for life. We’re here to help our clients maintain a steady course, with fine-tuning as necessary, so that they can pursue their goals with maximum confidence. 

Our Core Beliefs

Belief in the A-mighty, Belief in Good People

The BFG family is united by a shared faith, and the belief that success and security are ultimately in G-d’s hands. Our faith enables us to recognize the enormous reservoirs of goodness and untapped potential in our communities. Our mission is to empower others to succeed so that they, in turn, can share their good fortune with the community. Success and security for our businesses and families benefits everyone.